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Social Media Changing Relationships

Social Media Changing Relationships

Communication technology has entered in our life ever than before. Mobile phone is in our hand and for communication we are using internet for chatting, emails etc. 65% users use it to communicate with their friends and relatives. More than 80% teenagers have their account on internet. The new era of information technology provide us the features of making more and more relations on internet. We all have listened that a person has 100+ friends on social media networking sites. He or she chats with them every day. You can see that virtual friendship is more popular than verbal friendship.

On personal level and professional level you can see that social media networking sites have changed the way of relationships. Teenagers are more active on internet than their real life. They are chatting, buying, selling, entertaining and doing promotions also.

Positive Effects Of Social Media On Relationships

Few days ago I read a funny message that there is no need of watchman to take care of your home at night. Give your son internet package and he will take care of home himself by staying awake the whole night. These lines seem to be funny but it is true. Most of the persons are using social media sites for communication and sharing content. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc. These are only few names of social media networking sites there are many more like it. You can see that to find a life partner many young persons are sharing their profile to find a suitable match on social media sites.

Social media has changed the way of presenting yourself. You can present yourself in most attractive way. You can share your photos, your message to your known persons together and if you are going to throw a get together and you have limited time then you can use these sites and send them a message of venue with party theme.  To use social media for these purpose becoming day by day popular. This kind of modern technology is rapidly evolving everyone. This development has threatened the traditional relationships. It is not good thing but with a limit you can properly use it.

On professional level many companies and leading brand use it to share their company profile to increase their brand value. If you are connected with your clients and customers through social media you are directly making a connection with them and it will feel them special that you are here for them. The new information and different perspectives will serve many important purposes that you will get from your close friends and relatives. The people with whom we are sharing our profile with it we are also sharing believe behavior attitude and our personality also.

With the increased number of connections and frequency you can gain your target. It doesn’t matter that your business is small or big. You can use social media to make broad social network for your company and this is the way through it you can make your brand available for everyone. With increasing no. of connections you can get many ideas to make your business on top rank and you can beat your competitors also. If you are using social media keep in mind these points also:

  • # post daily at particular time with new updates.
  • # Don’t repeat your post.
  • # Always Give your users right information with real photos.
  • # Respect their new ideas and time to time don’t forget to say thanks to them.
  • # Tell them about your new offers and discounts so that they can take the advantage of it.
  • # Your positive comments will impress them to share your message with others.

These are the basic points to learn that how can you make your profile more visible to others. The proper use of social media for business can make a business on highlights. Social media is giving the voice to companies to share their content with their users directly. Now we can say that it has changed the nature of relationship and way of marketing.  It is also changing the network effect of consumer, the content which has created to target the audience and the knowledge that is generated by the community as a result.

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