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Instagram is the most popular photo sharing site on the internet with over 50 million images uploaded daily. Interestingly, it is the fastest growing site among teenagers – nearly 20% of teens choose Instagram as their most important social network. A mobile device oriented site, this Facebook owned company allows users to take, upload and share photos real time direct from their mobile phone or other mobile device such as a tablet. It has some interesting filters which improves the photos, and these can be viewed by visitors or only by one’s followers if they so choose. Instagram is one of the fastest rising social networks in history as discussed in greater detail here. These characteristics have encouraged millions to share photos of their lives, events and items of importance. Businesses and associations use the medium to share visual messages to their stakeholders such as customers, employees and prospects. Given its reach and desireable demographics its is very important to have a presence on Instagram.


Who we are


Our Company Mission

There are many sellers of Instagram Followers on the market, but most sell fake followers with phony names and pictures. Unfortunately, these faux followers only provide you a short term boost in your followers number and do nothing in terms of interacting on your Page. Soon fake followers are discovered and deleted by Instagram giving you a double whammy – your hard earned money was wasted and your existing followers and other viewers see a big drop in your followers – which certainly doesn’t look good. Real followers, on the other hand, are not going to be deleted by Instagram, will stay with your page (especially if you keep your content interesting) and may even like your images and otherwise interact with your page. Real followers are the best and most effective followers to buy and we provide these types of followers for the lowest prices available. Now, not all followers (purchased or otherwise) will necessarily like your photos. As we noted above having both Instagram Followers and Instagram Likes is important for your Instagram page so you may want to check out our Likes page for the best prices on real instagram likes to give your page the proper balance between followers and likes.


Why buy instagram followers ?

Followers on Instagram is with whom you share you images. It is both the means to share and a sign of the popularity of one’s Instagram Page (not unlike Twitter Followers). To show your popularity and to have a good number of people share your images you need to constantly develop and grow your number of followers. You do this by sharing interesting and engaging images that tell as story of an outing as well as provide insight to your life, your interests, activities and yourself. Nonetheless, it can be challenging and time consuming to grow your followers organically, and indeed if youare too concerned with developoing your number of followers, your Page may not look so natural afterall. Also, sometimes a boost is needed as little popularity tends to catch on with others and creates even more popularity. The best way to accomplish quick and easy follower growth is to buy followers on Instagram from us which will accelerate your popularity and will relieve you of the burden of focusing on growing your followers without help.


Is buying followers safe ?

Absolutely. We’d never compromise your account. With Twitter Buy followers, we don’t believe in bots; we provide 100% real followers. Since these followers are real, you’ll attract even more followers naturally through search engines. Best of all, since our followers are real, the service is completely safe and complies with Twitter’s terms of service. So there’s no risk of having your account banned. At Twitter buy followers, we make security and privacy a top priority.


How long does it take for delivery ?

We know how important it is to get projects going right away. That’s why we’re the fastest Twitter service around; we deliver your product within 24 to 48 hours. If for any reason you are not receiving your order or have any issues at all with the service, please let us know by sending us a message at


Will my followers or retweets drop ?

About ten percent of followers drop, but this is normal and is to be expected. No need to worry; that’s why we always send more. If for any reason more than ten percent of your followers drop, let us know at and we’d be happy to look into it.

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